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Technical Difficulties

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Two days in, and we're already emulating Times and Seasons. Most of the problems are formatting and should be fixed soon. The only real problem is that the comments hack doesn't work--so if you'd like to leave a comment, please click on the link "add a comment through Blogger system" at the bottom of the page.

In addition, if there are any suggestions for improvement, they are welcome. And hopefully the new colors increase the readability of the text.

7 Responses to “Technical Difficulties”

  1. Blogger Bryce 

    The colors are much better now. Thanks.

  2. Blogger Pris 

    Well, that appears to solve the problem. I guess we must ask, is the blogger commenting system really that bad.

  3. Blogger Mike 

    I actually don't mind the blogger commenting system at all.

  4. Blogger Pris 

    Dear Lord, this really does look bad on IE.

    I guess it's further proof everyone should start using firefox.

  5. Blogger Steve 

    one nit: make your banner clickable so that it returns you to the main blog page. It's a little tweak, but it helps a lot with navigation.

  6. Blogger Arwyn 

    Steve: It should already be doing that. Could you point out where it isn't so we can fix it? Thanks!

  7. Blogger Mike 

    I think what Steve is talking about is having the entire banner work as a button, rather than having text on top of it that works as a link.
    I suppose we could do that by Taking the sma picture, then puting the text on top of it and saving the picture with text as a new .jpg and then using the .jpg as a button

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