We've got a gun. In fact, we've got two. That's OK, man, 'cause we love God.

Unofficial Manifesto

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Every new endeavor carries the risk of adding to the heap of mediocrity. The cynic and the fatalist in me are in agreement: why even try?

I’m not prepared to answer that question, for that would have required not sleeping through all those philosophy courses. What I can say, though, is that we here at Unofficial Manifesto will do our best to keep the wheels of progression unmired in the muck of uniformity.

Our practices differ: my three colleagues here are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I am not. Even though they are taking the sacrament while I’m working off a hangover, we share many of faith’s philosophical underpinnings. That is, we share a similar approach to things; I cannot speak for my compatriots here, but when I read their writings, I see portions of my own thought, even if our conclusions vary.

And so, we find ourselves on the edges of orthodoxy, walking the perimeter of the playground of the gospel. In this case, it’s inappropriate to ask “how wide the divide?” for the division is marked only be empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, and poker chips.

But still: why are we here, why do we write? There are those greater than us who have failed—and we are left to distinguish ourselves from the others, to claim a stake in the theoretically limitless bloggernacle. We believe we can, have, and will provide a viewpoint from “the cheap seats” that is significantly lacking.

That, and plans of world domination.

We shall see how it all turns out. Perhaps all this is all hogwash caused by the opium of youth. And perhaps when we sober up things will look differently. But can you and can we be sure that it will happen? In digital years, we are a generation or two younger than many of the stalwarts of the ‘nacle community. And *gasp* unmarried.

But most of all, we are here to think and learn from each other. A former professor, when he was asked a question in a classroom-type setting, would look at the other students, and say, “there is the untapped collective intelligence, use it.”

I’ve always figured that God says the same thing.

7 Responses to “Unofficial Manifesto”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Ah, to rule the world.... 

    J. Staply

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This should be interesting. I'm looking forward to your posts. 


  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Welcome aboard.

    No sure if this is intentional or not, but your name, email and url fields are not left aligned. Rather their alignement is staggered, making them look like a set of stairs. 

    Kim Siever

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Not intentional, but known. I'm unsure what's causing it--and my java skills are significantly lacking to try and fix it. If you (or anyone) knows how to change it, I'd like to know. 


  5. Blogger Bryce 

    Welcome! It's always nice to see a new blog in the bloggernacle (although I guess you individually aren't new).

    A suggestion -- the background color provides very poor contrast with the text. I'm probably not going to read anything long on this blog unless it changes. Sorry, that's just me. I figure I might as well provide feedback now, while things are new. If others feel the same way, you may want to change it (or you can change just for me :) ).

  6. Blogger Pris 

    Bryce, what browser do you use? We'll see what we can do about the color scheme--it looks fine on firefox, but blogger seems to have it in for IE.

  7. Blogger Bryce 

    Pris, I'm a Firefox user. I'm complaining about the choice of colors, not a bug. The colors look pretty, but the blog is hard to read.

    Again, I don't mean to be a big whiner, but if others feel the same way, best to find out early.

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