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Spotlight on UoM*

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Mucho thanks to Dave at The Times for his spotlight on UoM in this week's edition.

He (flatteringly?) writes:

This stylish 4-blog features a group of (correct me if I'm wrong) young, edgy artiste-types with personal interests in writing, music, and performance (based on the personal blogs of Arwyn, D-Train, Mike, and Pris) but who are using the new UM blog to post reflections on general Mormon topics and themes.

Young? Yeah. Edgy? Yeah. Artiste? Never really thought of myself that way -- how about the rest of y'all? -- but I can see how I may come across that way on my other blog. 2/3 isn't bad, anyway. Even Ichiro doesn't have a .667 average.

After musing about how many blogs a blogger can blog (worse than the woodchucks!) -- a question I've been struggling with myself since I've come down with a bad case of finals -- he tries to find a genre to suit us: maybe the "BCC goes to college but without any lawyers" genre?

I think we're supposed to be flattered, guys. Heck, I am -- thanks for the good word, Dave, and welcome to all who've found their way here through his spotlight!

*T&S, BCC, M*, and FMH all get cool** abbreviations, so in the honored tradition of LDS group blogs, we get one too. And UoM looks way cooler than just UM, too.
**Okay, we can debate the coolness. But they do get abbreviations!

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