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S-s-s-smokin'! Well, no.

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On July 1st, the city in which I live will enact an ordinance banning smoking in resturants, bars, taverns, all sports arenas (including bowling alleys) and other public buildings. Many cities/states have already gone this route, and we will soon join them.

This ticks me off. Part of it stems from my past experiences: my senior year, while I was on "student senate", a motion was brought forward to disallow smoking in the one building on campus that was not smoke-free. I believed then--and believe now--that the school made a horrible error in passing it (we, the opposition in the senate, lost by one vote). However, after talking this over with a friend last night, I must grudgingly admit that the city has some good reasons and that there are substantial differences between the two cases that make one okay (well, grudgingly okay) and one not.

I'll admit that what frustrates me the most (specifically with the campus ordinance) was that most arguments for banning were of the "I don't smoke" or "I hate smoke" variety. But these are not good arguments, especially when one has the choice of entering a smokey bar or moving on to another, smoke-free, place. My friend makes two counter-arguments which I find interesting (notice that I focus on bars in particular, for I think they are of a different breed than the others):

1) people are "rationally bounded" (that is, they have a "tendency to do stupid things"). Some people will still go to a bar even though they don't like smoke. Not only should we save these people from themselves (my words) but, because of state health care (Medicaid, etc.) costs of smoking, it will save society money in the end.

2) Ideally there would be bars that allow smoking and bars that don't allow smoking to allow for a choice. However, it's just not that way--the market is functioning at a sub-optimal level. Thus, something should be done.

I find these arguments interesting and somewhat compelling. In a way, I'm reminded of Utah's utterly ridiculous liquor laws, though I think (again) that those are of a different beast. So, my questions to y'all:

Does government have a duty to protect its citizens from themselves? How does that work in 'victimless crimes' (i.e. responsible, but heavy, drinking) with reference to an individual's freedoms? If we live in a sub-optimal system (whatever it may be) that causes a problem, should we try to fix the problem or the system itself? (That is, should we treat the symptom or the disease?)

These questions can also be asked by assuming "the Church" instead of "government".

Relatedly, my friend and I thought that a "smoking license" would be an interesting way to go--like a liquor license, but for allowing smoking in a bar. Thoughts of something like this, specifically from the more legally minded out there?

1069 Responses to “S-s-s-smokin'! Well, no.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    In NYC smoking is banned nearly everywhere and it is great. In New Jersey people can still smoke in restaurants and train platforms and it stinks. Unless you think the dangers of second-hand smoke (to employees as well as patrons) are inventions of non-smoking do-gooders (and, frankly, even then), I'm not sure why you're so against it. The NorthEast--the example I'm familiar with--smells bad enough in the summer as it is.

  2. Anonymous Daylan Darby 

    Does government have a duty to protect its citizens from themselves?

    If so, where does it stop? No butter? no knives? no pools? no cars?

    A government grounded in liberty and freedom does not have a duty to protect citizens from themselves, it's ONLY duty is to protect citizens from each other.

  3. Anonymous Susan M 

    The government requires that I wear a seatbelt. Then it can require no smoking in bars.

    I probably shouldn't post on this topic at all, since half my family has died of cancer and I'm not exactly objective when it comes to the subject of smoking. But I *love* the fact that there's no smoking in bars in California. I go see bands play all the time and in Seattle I'd come home reeking of smoke. It's so pleasant not to cough throughout a show.

  4. Blogger Stephen 

    You are too young, but Steve Martin used to do a great routine on smokers.

    The best thing Dallas ever did was a smoking ban. Business is up, people as a group eat out more often when smoking is banned.

    Even Paris has a lot less smoking than it had.

  5. Blogger lchan 

    I think the government absolutely has the right to ban smoking in public places. The government has an interest in the public health. See what everybody else said.

    I loved the smoking ban in CA and I'm pleased as punch they now have it in ID.

    Once we were in Missouri in a Wendy's and guy a few tables away from us lit up a cigarette and my husband and I were just incredulous at first. I had forgotten that the smoking ban isn't country-wide. I don't care if that guy wants to pollute his own lungs, but my kids?

    Y'know why no one starts smoking in their 30s? Because by then they realize that crap like cancer really does happen and they are actually going to get older and die and they're no longer interested in hurrying up the process.

  6. Anonymous Daylan Darby 

    "Public" is something that belongs to the government (i.e., road, park, police station). Last time I checked bars/etc. were private. The definition of socialism is private ownership/public (i.e., government) control. Sadly, that is what we have become.

  7. Blogger Arwyn 

    I very much agree with Daylan when he says that the government doesn't have a responsibility to protect people from themselves, but does have a duty to protect people from other people.

    Susan, I absolutely abhor the seatbelt laws. I can accept the government saying that children should have to wear seatbelts, but that I, being 22 and old enough to drink myself into oblivion if I so wished (which I don't, but still, it's principle) shouldn't be allowed to drive in my own car how I see fit.

    Smoking, however, is another issue. I had a friend in college who was deathly allergic to cigarette smoke: it brought on really bad athsma, and she almost had to go to the hospital because of the smoking rampant in her freshman dorm, despite the fact that the dorm was supposed to be smoke-free.

    I think that her right to live and breathe trumps someone else's right to smoke, and that the government has a right to protect her right to life over the right ot suck nicotine of someone else.

  8. Blogger annegb 

    I like a smoke free environment. I grew up around smokers and it didn't used to bother me, but since I'm now hardly ever around people who smoke, if I ever have to be, it's a problem. I'm glad so many places are smoke free.

    I also support seat belt laws. We didn't used to be very vigilant about this good habit until a young friend was almost killed and left badly scarred in a car accident. She wasn't wearing a seat belt and went through the front windshield when the car her friend was driving rolled several times.

    She has three kids today, and she has had multiple, countless, plastic surgeries. She was a beautiful girl, and is again, but she went through a terrible time, her face was terribly injured.

    My kids are all believers after that. I think it's a good law.

  9. Blogger Pris 

    The seatbelt law is a good comparison. I do believe that one ought to wear a seatbelt--that one should voluntarily choose to use it--but I don't think it should be legally required of anyone. I wear my seatbelt because the positives of it outweigh the negatives. In the same way, one perhaps ought not smoke, but there should be no legal requirement.

    When it comes down to it, I don't think that the ban is bad for restaurants, train platforms, etc. I don't support it, but I'm not against it. It makes little sense to me, though, in relation to bars--specifically taverns that don't allow children (<21). As such, I don't see many of the counterexamples offered as being valid. With the exception of concerts (which Susan brought up), there are few reasons to go to a bar to drink--another "dangerous" activity, which can be done in smoke-free environments.

    Lchan, I agree in regards to children--which is why I think family restaurants should (again, voluntarily) ban smoking. Interestingly, though, one of the reasons I don't eat a lot at "family" restaurants is that other people's children annoy me at restaurants--that is, I don't want my mental health polluted by things I don't like. Assuming that one knows that place X may have Y (that I don't like), why should the government ban Y, when I could just refrain from going there?

    Arwyn, if your dorms were like mine, then all it takes is one inconsiderate smoker to mess everything up. In my building, we had a floor with five (out of twenty) smokers: four of them, when they smoked, opened the window (and smoked out it), put a towel under the door, etc. No complaints. The fifth one, though, sometimes left the door open. Many problems. One should most definitely be considerate of other people (see also the M* thread on breastfeeding)--when I do any action, I try to minimize the consequences to others. As for your anecdote, I agree. Since she had to be there and (perhaps) didn't know about the smoking when she sign up for it, then there's an issue. However, does this apply to places of business where one has the choice of partaking or not?

    Daylan, that is what it comes down to, isn't it? I'm just waiting until they tell the fast food industry that they can't sell greasy food. Or at least tax it through the roof. And ban its consumption for those under 16.

  10. Blogger NFlanders 

    I think the government is protecting citizens from inconsiderate other citizens in this case. The problem is that smoking affects people besides the smoker. Eating greasy food may smell bad, but it doesn't make on-lookers fat.

    I live in tobacco-friendly Virginia. I love to go bowling, but I haven't gone in three years. There just aren't any non-smoking bowling alleys. If there were, I'd totally go. Restaurants and bowling alleys are always going to try to appeal to the largest number of people, so they'll never go completely smoke-free without government intervention. I, for one, welcome our non-smoking insect overlords.

  11. Blogger Arwyn 

    Question for you, Pris:

    Before smoking bans were legislated, did a lot of bars ban smoking?

    You suggest that restaurants should ban it voluntarily, and I remember a lot of restaurants having non-smoking sections before the bans went into place, but not many that banned it outright.

    When it comes to bars...I know a lot of people who like to drink but not smoke, so your voluntary-participation idea (that I only go to places I want to go to, and don't go to ones I don't want to go to) only holds up if there are bars that would ban smoking even if there weren't a law.

    Else people who want to be able to drink without having second-hand smoke in their faces don't have any other option.

  12. Blogger Arwyn 

    Well, yes, they have other options. They could drink at home, or with friends, etc. But sometimes it's just fun to go out to a bar for it, and I don't see why that option should be prohibited to those who don't like second-hand smoke.

    In fact, I don't even drink, but I enjoy going out to bars. Does that skew anything?

  13. Anonymous Susan M 

    I'm sure the seatbelt law has saved a whole lot of lives. I bet the ban on public smoking will, too.

    Arwyn, it seems like there were restaurants in Seattle that banned smoking altogether, but I can't remember for sure. Pierce County/Tacoma instituted a ban on all public smoking before I moved to Cali, but Seattle hadn't.

  14. Blogger Pris 

    Arwyn: No, I don't think it does skew anything. I agree, there should be bars that don't allow smoking. This is what I was talking about in the post concerning sub-optimal markets.

    In high school, I got in this massive argument over the tv show "God, the Devil, and Bob" -- Boise was one of the few markets nationally to refuse to air it. In my view, this is censorship. If one doesn't like it, don't watch it--and since television is ruled by money, if it doesn't make any (people don't watch it), it won't be on the air. And nobody watched the show and it was cancelled before finishing the first season.

    I view smoking the same way. The fact that there are few bars that don't allow smoking tells me that (a) most people who go to bars smoke or (b) don't mind the smoke. I'd be willing to bet that those (like yourself) that don't fall into either category are relatively few.

    It's all a question of risk and reward: sometimes, to have a drink socially, one will have to deal with the smoke. If the benefit doesn't outweigh the negative, don't go.

    Say I really really really like Chuck E. Cheese pizza. But I can't stand little children running and screaming and annoying me. It raises my blood pressure--that is, there are physical maladies caused. But I know that if I want to enjoy the sweetness that is Chuck E. Cheese's pizza I'm going to have to deal with the children and a raised blood pressure. If the value of the pizza isn't greater, I don't go. Either way, there's a sacrifice I have to make. But should there be a law that Chuck E. Cheese's should ban children?

    So, those people that like to drink at bars but don't smoke have to make the same decision. You write, "But sometimes it's just fun to go out to a bar for it, and I don't see why that option should be prohibited to those who don't like second-hand smoke." Taking out some words, I'll rephrase it: "...I don't see why that option should be prohibited to those who smoke."

    Ned: generally, if you go bowling during the day (or late afternoon), alleys are mostly smoke-free. Is there any reason why businesses shouldn't try to appeal to the greatest number of people?

    I'm all for education, age limits, etc. Even though I hate the execution of most anti-smoking ads, I like them in principle. Tell the people how dangerous it is. HOWEVER, if a legal adult makes a decision to smoke, I don't believe there should be laws preventing that. As I've said before, smokers should be considerate as well. I believe that smokers ought not smoke in resturants, bowling alleys, etc. but I don't believe there should be a law (for reasons I've always stated).

    Susan: I feel you and I may disagree on this issue, but I don't believe "saving lives" to be the paramount concern. This is because I place little stock in biological life and am mainly concerned with biographical life. I can explain this out, if you wish, but I think it may be a fundamental difference.

  15. Blogger Arwyn 


    We've obviously got opposite viewpoints here. Your friends like to smoke, therefore prohibitions on smoking are bad for your friends; my friends don't like the smoking in bars, therefore allowing smoking is bad for my friends.

    Unless you can point me to statistics that say most people who like to go to bars a) smoke or b) don't mind the smoke, I'm going to argue that you can't make an across-the-board announcement that "banning smoking in bars is bad" or "banning smoking in bars is good."

    If more people in Seattle (as a hypothetical example -- I don't have the numbers either) prefer not to have the smoke, then it's good for Seattle. If more people in Madison (another hypothetical) like the smoke, then it's bad for Madison.

    Which is why the smoke-banning legislation has to be a local issue. However, given that it has been instituted locally (at least on a state-by-state basis rather than by the federal government) and we haven't voted out of office the folks who instituted it, I have to be led to believe that the majority of people don't mind the ban.

    And I think the number of people like me may be higher than you'd think -- except most of them probably won't keel over and die from asphyxiation if they are exposed to second-hand smoke, and therefore choose to grin and bear it -- but would be happier if they didn't have to.

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