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Singles in the City

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Yesterday afternoon, I was explaining to a good friend of another faith just why I'd go to church to find fun people to do things with.

I explained the organization of the Church -- the Church as a whole broken down into areas, stakes, wards, etc. -- and added that where membership is high in a given area, they have a ward (or many wards) set aside for singles in any given stake. That is, a Singles Ward.

"And you go to this ward to meet fun people and date them, yes?" he asked. Ah. Very perceptive.

"Well...yes," I replied. "I guess that's the purpose of the ward. So singles can meet other singles and become not-singles."

"...so it's just like a singles bar in New York!"

Now, I've never been to a bar in New York (of any variety), and the ones in Maine certainly aren't the sort I'd go to meet people and try to become not-single (though I've spent a good deal of time in a couple of them with friends). But after we eliminated the drinking (of course) and the random hookups (I hope) and made the music a little more spiritual, the description of a singles bar that he gave sounded -- well, it sounded a lot like a Singles Ward, except without the religion.

I wonder if something like this exists in more cultures than just 'Mormon' and 'New York' -- if any culture wherein the young are expected to choose mates for themselves necessarily has some sort of pool they can all jump into for the purpose of accomplishing that.

And I'm sure there could be a really deep point to this post about LDS dating rituals, but my experience with them is limited, and anyway, I really just wanted to share the mental image of 200 clean-cut, tie-wearing or long-skirted LDS singles crowding into a New York bar.

7 Responses to “Singles in the City”

  1. Anonymous Dallas Robbins 

    Very amusing comparison. I have been to some singles wards, that if compared to a bar, would be considered an improvement.

  2. Blogger Pris 

    As a relative veteran of the bar scene, and having gone to a few single's ward, I must say that the drinking and the music are integral to the experience. Perhaps, at a single's ward, if there was a old dirty guy in the dimly lit corner trying to deal perscription drugs, then it might be close. Otherwise, I just can't picture it.

    That said, I've never had a hook-up (random or otherwise) at a bar and never even witnessed one. Perhaps it's because I don't go to the 'right' kind of bars and don't live in a big metro area.

    But it seems that one is as likely to find a date at the bar as in the single's ward.

  3. Anonymous Susan M 

    I only go to bars to see bands play and I have no idea how anyone can socialize under those conditions. I don't like restaurants that blare music, either.

  4. Blogger chosha 

    I would've thought YSA convention would have been a better analogy, but anyway...

    I can't quite imagine a singles ward (I'm in Australia, way out of LDS Central). Do you have a single bishop or do you borrow some older 'responsible' type chap from another ward? :)

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