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He only stops by when I have a six pack.

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To say things haven't been going well would be an understatement. Between moving and all that entails, my best friend being in and out of the hospital for the last month, and the Twins losing the AL wild card lead, there are quite a few things that I wish were done differently (or not at all). Fortunately, things are now looking up.

I've always admired--even when I think it's misguided--how some people have the ability to keep a high level of faith during the good times and not just the bad times. Frankly, I can't do it. Perhaps it's all the pride an arrogance, but when my life is right, there's no room for God. Even though the nature of God's relationship with humankind is still an unanswered question for me, I've been trying to fix this problem.

When I was going through the Great Experiment of 2004, I tried to focus a lot on this. When I prayed, I tried to pray out of love and a desire for a relationship with the divine, not out of desperation or pleading. This seems to me to be the right approach, though I really don't know.

Does the way we approach the Lord matter? How much? Is it 'better' (whatever that means) to look towards the divine as a first option versus a second, third or last?

Is there a difference in the response to the Worship of a man who is content and a man who is not?

4 Responses to “He only stops by when I have a six pack.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    God can respond or not depending on His view of the circumstances. He directly knocked sense into Alma the Younger's head in the BoM, despite Alma's life being in complete opposition to the commandments. And yet at the same time, God doesn't always make things smooth for those of strong faith or obedience.

    No easy answer, in other words. Isn't it always that way? :(

  2. Blogger D-Train 

    Adversity definitely prompts one to seek alternatives, be they divine or not. While I firmly believe that the Lord will never forget his children, I don't know how that applies to specific circumstances.

    Lately, I feel that I've been taking a more proactive approach toward seeking the Lord and that I've been very much blessed for it. When I just seek forgiveness after I've done something that I feel bad about or wait for something bad to come around, I don't really remember why to pray or why to try and know the Lord.

    I guess my answer is that a relationship with God is like playing baseball. If you only pitch or hit when you miss the game desperately, you're not going to be much good at it. If you can get to a state where you miss it all the time or understand that it's always important to you, it will work more. The biggest thing is to take whatever faith you have in whatever principles that one believes and to test it by trying to make it grow.

  3. Blogger annegb 

    Pris, why do you call yourself Pris? It sounds short for Priscilla. I keep thinking of you as a girl.

    Sometimes God is near me and I feel it and sometimes, when I am so in the depths of despair, I am totally alone. I don't know why or understand it.

    But I do know that when I am praying regularly, and studying the scriptures, and being more obedient and spiritual, I feel more worthy to ask and therefore feel His spirit more.

  4. Blogger Pris 

    annegb, "Pris" is a shortened form of my last name and is, in fact, what most of my friends call me. Though, to be technical, it is pronounced with a hard "s" or "z" sound, so it should sound like "Priz". In some ways--and perhaps this is just by subversive nature--I like the gender confusion and it, hopefully, halps break down gender stereotypes.

    I wonder if one could make the argument that emotions like "despair" are essentially self-reflective and, like pride, causes the person to think only of themself, thus not allowing for the experience of the divine. I'm not sure if I buy this line of reasoning--and, even if I do, I'm not sure it's much help.

    D-Train. Baseball analogies are always good. However--and this is something that I need to devote an entire post to--it assumes that there is a game going on. In a way, I'd rephrase it so that life/praying/etc. is more like batting practice and that the actual game will be played later. Obviously, if you believe, you believe that there will be a game. I, however, have some serious doubts about it, so I must question the value of taking the BP (especially if I don't like BP).

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