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We could do worse

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This Newsweek poll and associated article are pretty interesting, but I just want to point out a couple of things about it. First, the religious classifications within the poll include a category for "Christian - Mormon". It's not only encouraging that there's a place to self identify as Mormon, but that it's directly tied to "Christian". That's the anti argument that I hate most. Maybe this is a tiny, tiny sign that this claim is losing a bit of traction.

Second, it's just interesting reading. It seems that more personal experiences are all the rage in religious discourse nowadays. What can be done to invoke the Spirit more and to emphasize that element of the Church? Despite somewhat disappointing convert baptism rates, the two central themes in the article (personal experience with God and responsibility for one's own salvation) are essential elements of LDS doctrine. Can we make these a bit plainer in our image?

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  1. Blogger Arwyn 

    That's an interesting poll. I'm with you -- I like that Mormon is tied directly to "Christian," as I have a difficult time taking seriously arguments that we're not, in the basic sense of the word.

    I also find it interesting that to the question "Comparing your religion today with the religion in which you were raised by your family, is your present religion the same, MOSTLY the same, mostly DIFFERENT, or completely different?", the plurality (33% on the Web, 30% according to Newsweek) answered that their present religion is mostly the same as that in which they were raised.

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