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Why Us Non-Members Should Be Afraid Of The Church

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From a comment from M*:

"My opinion is that he [Pres. Hinckley] belongs there. There just aren't that many people in the world that can make so large a number of people do most anything simply by their say-so. That's power-- in the most secular sense possible."


3 Responses to “Why Us Non-Members Should Be Afraid Of The Church”

  1. Blogger Kim Siever 

    If there was a way to track BOM reading at the end of this year, we'd see how true it is.

  2. Blogger annegb 

    Which, Kim, you know, I kind of resent. Because we're supposed to be reading in the D&C for Sunday School, and who has the time. What's up with that telling us to read the Book of Mormon as well. More to-dos? What is the purpose of that? Why did he do it? Do you think he's losing it at last?

    Guess I won't be in that poll.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I'm going to read it twice. That way I'll be twice as obedient as those who only read it once. And I'll get to bear testimony of how I doubled my feeling of the Spirit, and received twice the blessings. For at least a year, during discussions in Gospel Doctrine, I'll be able to make digressions into how I doubled my spirituality. This is going to bring me twice as close to the Celestial Kingdom, and I want everyone to know it.

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