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Like eating? Like helping people?

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On October 5th, many restaurants will be donating some or all of their daily sales for Hurricane relief. So go eat out that night at one of the participating restaurants. Hey--it's like a fast offering, but you actually eat!

5 Responses to “Like eating? Like helping people?”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Unfortunately the money is funneled through Red Cross, which is 'almost' (red tape, etc.) a government agency.

    Donations via the LDS church and/or Salvation army is probably a better bet.

  2. Anonymous Susan M 

    Looks like we'll be going to Olive Garden next Wed!

    Thanks Pris.

  3. Blogger D-Train 

    I don't mind the Red Cross, but the point is taken that there might be more effective uses of the money.

    But if you like eating out, this seems like a good chance to use your twelve bucks to satisfy two good ends. I might just hit a participant for a pre-work Wednesday meal.

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