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What did the 19th amendment ever do for you? Huh?

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Holy Crap.

Dude, honestly: how can you read that and not be a feminist?

6 Responses to “What did the 19th amendment ever do for you? Huh?”

  1. Anonymous Ben S. 

    They also have a page about the holocaust being a hoax... Christian party indeed.

  2. Anonymous Kurt 

    Wow, I never knew that all of the worlds problems, and all my personal problems as well, stemmed from the 19th Ammendment. Phew, what a relief! All we have to do is take the vote away from American women and all those problems will go away. Yup.

  3. Blogger lchan 

    What the where?

    You can read that and not be a feminist, I think. But it'd be almost impossible to read it and not think these people are psychos.

  4. Blogger D-Train 

    Here's the worst part: they're not even MAN enough to deny women the vote. They just remove the guarantee against other people prohibiting it.

  5. Blogger Arwyn 


    They remind me of some College Republicans I knew in college.


  6. Blogger Mike 

    have you read the bit about lawyers? Wow, that was amazing. Where in the world did you find this page?

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