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It's dangerous to let the people think

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Real post tomorrow. Angry disbelief today.

Courtesy of ESPN.com, the reason why I hate sports fans:

"I would like to see JOHAN SANTANA TRADED TO THE CARDINALS FOR ALBERT PUJOLS. I think Pujols is the most overrated player in the history of baseball. I live in St. Louis and I watch Pujols choke more in clutch situations than any other player on the team. I want the Cardinals to get rid of his salary and start to play some other bum in his position! What are the chances of this trade going through???"

Hmmm. What are the chances, huh? What's zero times 1 billion equal?

That would be the chances.

"You might want to ask Brad Lidge whether Pujols ever comes through in the clutch," suggested one of our trained professionals, helpfully.

We're not going to identify the reader who sent us this deal, in order to allow him to lead a healthy and happy life for many more years. But when one ESPN.com employee noticed this e-mail address ended in "midwestbankcentre.com," his observation was: "Albert Pujols must have taken all his money out of that bank, don't you think?"

5 Responses to “It's dangerous to let the people think”

  1. Anonymous Arwyn 

    Fact of life: people are stupid. Woe.

  2. Anonymous Mike 

    Yes, but "I think Pujols is the most overrated player in the history of baseball." takes a pretty special kind of stupid.

  3. Anonymous D-Train 

    Yeah, they are stupid, and our sporting enthusiasts are likely not the most intellectual of the bunch. That said, it still takes a truly monumental bit of idiocy to draw that conclusion. Even if you're a dumb yokel that can't think about more than one thing at a time, Pujols just hit one of the biggest homeruns of the last twenty years to win a playoff game against a top five closer on the road. A homerun that still hasn't landed.

    Yes, people are stupid, but some people deserve to be held up and ridiculed as an example to the rest of us.

  4. Anonymous Best Hair 

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