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I've got dreams to remember

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If you haven't heard Otis Redding's "I've Got Dreams to Remember", do so immediately.

A few days ago, I had a horrid nightmare about nuclear war. Every month or so, I have a terrible nuclear war nightmare. Some are worse than others and I'm rarely able to remember the details. This time, I could. I'll be brief about them.

The first segment occurred somewhere between 4 and 6:30 AM. It consisted entirely of me going up and down a frozen slide in Alaska as H-Hour got closer and closer. The alarms were going off, they were coming down from the sky, and all that I could do is go up and down this slide.

I woke up in terror, got some water, and hoped that sleep wouldn't bring any more. This wish was not to be granted. As it happened, I was in a house in suburban Kansas (actually, my grandparents' house) with a friend. I kept begging him to go out with me and get some supplies as international tensions rose. He refused to go or give me the car keys. I finally got him to go, but as we headed for the front door, the air raid sirens went off. I just looked at him and said "Well, we can't go out there any more." A few minutes later, they started coming down.

I always wonder about what these dreams mean. Not specifically the nuclear war dreams (the above messages are crystal clear to me), but dreams in general. I feel that these dreams speak to me not as revelation or divine manifestation of truth, but as my subconscious expression of strongly held beliefs. I wonder what our beloved readers think. Do you ever have dreams that communicate to you? Are they ever spiritual? How do you take them?

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  1. Anonymous Hannah G 

    I often have very strange dreams, and have never thought of them as particularly meaninful (in a spiritual sense), though at times they certainly seem to reveal much about the inner workings of my mind. Just last night, however, I had a very strange and striking dream--or set of dreams. I was told specifically what I should do regarding a life decision, and the answer was not something I had ever considered before. The dream was very clear and unambiguous and it was not like any other dream I've ever had. I woke up after having the first part and thought it was very strange. Then I went back to sleep and dreamt about it more. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I woke up. This it's the first time I've ever felt like I was possibly receiving direction from God through a dream. I still need to spend time pondering and praying about it. If it was direction from God, then it is the most striking way I've ever been communicated to by Him.

  2. Anonymous D-Train 

    Hannah, thanks for sharing that. I hope I didn't infer in my original post that I don't think dreams can be spiritual communication. I certainly think they can be, I just haven't had the experience. One function that dreams can serve is to remove rationality for a bit and just immerse you in experience. That can be very valuable. It certainly seems to have had a big effect on you.

  3. Anonymous Hannah G 

    Oh I didn't think you had said that dreams can't be spiritual communication. If you had asked me yesterday about this same topic, I would have said, "I am sure some people have spirtual experiences through dreams, but I have no idea what that would be like." Like I said, I am not definitively sure that my dream was spiritual communication. I think because it seems so far removed from my previous spiritual experiences, I feel the need to have something confirm to me it wasn't just a weird dream. At the same time, I feel like by needing that I am maybe missing the point. I just never thought I personally would have a dream give me a spiritual answer (especially to a question I hadn't formally asked God about yet). I guess the question of how to determine if something is the Spirit or your own mind still is in play even for dreams/visions.

  4. Anonymous carrie 

    i had a vary vivad dream one time and i know it was from god. i was looking in a field and the wind was kicking up dust and it was dark like a storm was coming i began to run iran to the first storm seller and started tearing off old boards trying to get in and then i would run to another one i looked in the direction of the storm and the dust started turning into tonados it was real dark and i cuoldnt and had the fealing i didnt want to get in these old storm shelters i fianally ran towards the tornadoes there were 4 of them and they were coming towards me and when they would come to the ground fire would come from them i faced the tornadoes and shouted in jesus name and the tornadoes stared parting i ran to this clean shelter and the hole in the shelter was small, smaller than me i went through this small whole and the shelter was clean and pretty like a white panted celing i beleive god was trying to tell me iwould need him in the time of the stormes sometimes i beleve that the tornadoes hitting the ground has been like my life sometimes like fire but he is our shelter i was a new beliver then and prayed alot and was learning of god i didnt know what that dream meant but it always stuck with me when i went through something i have often thought of that dream and now i know that was from god he is the shelter in the time of the storm

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