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Never take back the red and yellow

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My apologies for some Blogger-related downtime. More content soon.

Does Ariel Sharon's stroke remind anyone of the greatest wrestling plot ever? Sharon is basically Hollywood Hogan forever and as soon as he puts on the red and yellow, he goes and has a stroke.

Seriously, I don't fully buy the fact or extent of Sharon's conversion to the peace process, but I do see the upcoming elections as a decent chance for a real change in Israeli politics. Here's hoping for a recovery for Sharon or at least for some kind of outcome that preserves a workable Kadima to contest the elections.

In other news, get yourself on over to Latter-Day Liberation Front and listen to the inagural podcast from RoastedTomatoes and Serenity Valley. I haven't listened to the other bloggernacle podcasts at all, but this one is fantastic and well worth your while. If Sunday School could only be so good.......

Seriously, I can't recommend it strongly enough. I can only hope that the project will move forward effectively and produce frequent edification and enjoyment.

4 Responses to “Never take back the red and yellow”

  1. Anonymous RoastedTomatoes 

    Thanks, D-Train. You're far too kind!

  2. Anonymous Pris 

    Something has always struck me a bit odd about Sharon. We'll see how it pans out.

    Have you watched Hulk Hogan's reality TV show on VH1? I don't have cable, so I've only seen it once, but it is quite a trip. It's either brilliant or horrendous. Not sure which.

  3. Anonymous coeGrgYaDx 

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