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Kaimi brings our attention to LDSelect, a Bloggernacle aggregator akin to Mormon Archipelago, but customizable.

Amusingly, UoM (our abbreviation of choice) has been shortened to UMan.

Which begs the question: is that like "You da man!", or more like Man U?

Inquiring minds really want to know...

20 Responses to “LDSelect”

  1. Anonymous D-Train 

    I would never be affiliated with such an apostate organization as Manchester United Football Club.

  2. Anonymous LDSelect 

    Sorry about the mixup. I set up the abbreviations without much reflection. It's now changed to UoM. But please do not take this as any indication that you are not "da man."

  3. Anonymous Last Lemming 

    I thought it was University of Manitoba. Your abbreviation of choice only widens the options to Michigan, Minnesota, Massachusetts...

  4. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    It's refreshing to see UMan, er, UoM in box two and the MA founders scattered to the four winds. :-)

    Thanks for the link, Arwyn. Looks like a great site.

  5. Anonymous Michael 

    This LDSelect looks like a conspiracy by the Times and Seasons folks. Did you notice that their website is now listed in the Blog One box rather than in the lower boxes??? They get the top billing they crave without having to place any new logos on their precious homepage.

  6. Anonymous Crystal 

    This whole "conspiracy" talk just makes me laugh. T&S doesn't need top billing; they get the traffic anyway. They're a 'Nacle institution.

    Dave is providing a pretty cool service. It's like the MA, sure, but it has more features. If people don't want to use it, then don't and shut the hell up about it already. All you're doing by creating controversy is giving it more airtime.

  7. Anonymous Michael 

    Well! Someone is having a bad day. But then again, those "of little faith...." don't really need to love their fellow man and felllow woman as themselves. They have the freedom to tell everyone to go to heck, don't they.

  8. Anonymous Arwyn 

    Conspiracy schmanpiracy. I happen to enjoy reading T&S -- and as a non-T&S-hater, I don't mind seeing it in a top box. But it doesn't really matter, since I have all my favorites on Bloglines anyway.

    What I see at LDSelect is a bunch of cool new features that allow me to pick the blogs I want to read and put them at the top, while still keeping other blogs around. I see it as a selection driven by me, not some politicized process driven by some committee.

    MA was good, and if they upgrade things to introduce new features as well, they'll continue to be good. But I'm a consumer: I don't care who or how or why they put it out, LDSelect is more suited to my needs.

  9. Anonymous Arwyn 

    Well! Someone is having a bad day. But then again, those "of little faith...." don't really need to love their fellow man and felllow woman as themselves. They have the freedom to tell everyone to go to heck, don't they.

    As a point of fact, they do have the freedom to tell people to quit their whining and silly conspiracy theories.

    And as a point of fact, you have a right to make the wacky leap of illogic from someone suggesting you vote with your feet to "My, she must be having a bad day and not loving other people!"

    In fact, we're all over having rights here. But let's exercise them civilly, eh?

  10. Anonymous Crystal 

    Let me guess, Michael; you're one of those lockstep Mormons, huh?

  11. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    BTW, does blogger allow you to have a comments RSS? If so, y'all should get one so we can see your comments on MA and LDSelect.

  12. Anonymous Arwyn 

    Some people have figured out how to do that, Watt.

    We might implement something along those lines as soon as Christian explains how. Or else we might just give up on Blogger altogether and sprint toward Wordpress.

    Stay tuned. :)

  13. Anonymous D-Train 

    I've been guilty of occasional T&S bashing in the past, but I've never heard of ripping someone for providing a free service that nobody has to use. I will probably use MA since it's real easy and I don't care too much about customization, but props to whoever provided LDSelect. If it was T&S, may they continue to provide good things for us all.

    All I've got to say is that if Kaimi Wenger or Adam Greenwood ever bring me anything for free, I'll beat the snot out of them for their trouble.

  14. Anonymous Pris 

    Let me ask you a question, D-Train, seeing as how you've let us know your feelings about Man U. I recently bought Fifa 2006 for PS2. I know nothing about soccer. Nothing. First thing I had to do was pick "my team." Knowing nothing and picking one from the first league that came up, I got Chelsea. Am I now an apostate or did I CTR?

    I haven't played the game all the much because, like I said, I know nothing about the game--especially the strategy.

  15. Anonymous Ronan 

    You are an apostate. Pick Everton. A real bonafide English team, not the Red Scum of Manchester or the Russian Mafia aka "Chelski." Don't pick the Arse, or LivePOO either.

  16. Anonymous D-Train 

    Pris, if you want to be a winner, you probably did choose the right.

    My poor Gunners. Proving every day that rock bottom isn't really rock bottom. After all, Everton are still seven points behind.

  17. Anonymous LDSelect 

    Thanks a ton for the plug. It's nice to know that that the work was not in vain.

  18. Anonymous LDSelect 

    Thanks a ton for the plug. It's nice to know that the work was not in vain.

  19. Anonymous Arwyn 

    And thank you for updating the abbreviation -- now, we don't run the risk of sending D-Train apostate with Man U associations. ;)

  20. Anonymous 5D69OXqdA1 

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