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The Manifesto Challenge

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Well, it's getting back around to the best time of the year: March.

Spring Training, soccer in the home stretch, and March Madness.

I'm thinking the Bloggernacle should have a Madness bracket contest. I'm thinking I'm willing to run it.

Post a quick comment here if you're interested in playing. I'll score the brackets, post results, all that jazz. I'd also love to do a women's contest if anyone is interested.

So, let me know.......

8 Responses to “The Manifesto Challenge”

  1. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    I'm in.

    Though I may be too home-state sentimental for my own good. Huskies and Zags make it sweet...call me crazy. Zags go to the final 4. OU (men) out in the first round. ;)

    OU women are looking pretty darn good though. Extra credit if we correctly guess the final tier for OU women? I'd like to be able to root for your team, D-Tain.

  2. Anonymous Eric 

    I'm good.

  3. Anonymous Pris 

    I'd be in.

    Watt, the Zags lost me money last year, so I'm kinda down on them. Them, and Syracuse being upset in the first round. Man, that sucked.

    Pitchers and catchers report Thursday.

  4. Anonymous Geoff J 

    I'm in (sans betting)

  5. Anonymous Arwyn 

    I'd be in if I knew the first thing about college basketball. As it stands, I may just observe, amused, and with my eye on Arizona and Florida.

  6. Anonymous Mike 

    Say it aint so

    That's real tough to see. Whether or not you are an Oklahoma State fan, or even a basketball fan, it is hard not to have respect for Eddie Sutton as a coach. He seems to have a Norman Dale type of quality to him, cemented by coaching where he played after leaving a prestigous program amidst some controversy.

    Hopefully coach Sutton will get the treatment he receives. It would be nice to see him reach 800 wins- but now it looks like a pretty unlikely scenario.

  7. Anonymous Mike 

    somehow d-train, when I saw the title of this post I assumed that it would be something more along the lines of this.

    Once again, I will state my agreement that March reminds me- we really do need more brackets.

  8. Anonymous XJMAFoyf0i 

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