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Signs of the times

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In the book of Revelation, John sees a book with seven seals. In the fifth seal, he sees the Christian martyrs. In the sixth, he sees the restoration of the gospel, the sealing of the 144,000, and the hosts of the exalted from all nations.

And when Christ opens the seventh seal, he sees fire and desolation poured out to precede the Second Coming.

Our readers have witnessed some of that fire and desolation, and we have heard the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, and in response, are tweaking our style a little bit. Please use this thread to let us know if the design is even a little easier on the eyes as we try to improve things line upon line, precept upon...well...you know the drill.

3 Responses to “Signs of the times”

  1. Anonymous Mogget 

    Um, I think that at the opening of the seventh seal, there's silence in heaven for half an hour.

    I'll be quiet now.

  2. Anonymous annegb 

    Did you change it or are you going to? If you have, not working for me. If you're going to, thank you.

  3. Anonymous Arwyn 

    I've made the font bigger and a little brighter, annegb -- which is why I asked if this helped at all. But if not, then we may need some bigger changes. Thanks for the feedback!

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