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As promised.....Bloggernacle Bracket contest!

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I'm going to do the contest on ESPN since it's easiest that way. Our group name is "Bloggernacle" and the password is "momo". Join the group ASAP!!!

Registration on ESPN is required. Here's how to do it:

Go to ESPN.com and at the top of the page, there will be a link to log into or register for MyESPN. Do so and then follow this link:

Once there, click on "create entry" and then "create or join a group". You'll be able to search there for "Bloggernacle" and then you can enter the password and get it done. Obviously, you can't fill out your bracket until Sunday night, but you can join now so that all you have to do is login and fill it out later.

I don't know when the deadline to have it done is, but you should do it before Wednesday.

I'm posting a women's competition as well. The directions are the same, just follow this link and follow the same directions. Same group name and password.

Please bounce on in and join! Bloggernacle glory awaits!

P.S. If you have any technical trouble, feel free to either post a comment or mail me at crazytrain a t ou dot edu.

19 Responses to “As promised.....Bloggernacle Bracket contest!”

  1. Anonymous Katie 

    Oh how I love March Madness!! It is like my second favorite season of year besides the Christmas season. I go nuts about it. Not so much because of a great love for college basketball, although I surely do like to watch this wonderful game. But the real reason is that my dad runs a pool at work and I always enter a bracket. Lots of people at his work take part, so the cash prize is semi-substantial. My dad always pays the $10 entrance price for me, so I don't consider it gambling, since I am not risking any money. I just get to bask in the excitement and tension as the drama unfolds. Oh how I love it. I know I am always saying we should get together, but seriously, we should all go hang at some sports bar with lots of TV's and get our cheering on.

    Let the madness begin!!

  2. Anonymous Katie 

    Oh and my dad is a non-member by the way, just in case people were alarmed at his pool-running behavior.

  3. Anonymous annegb 

    I'm getting a thing that says I'm not allowed on the sites of your sex posts. :) I suppose I am too innocent to read about it.

  4. Anonymous Arwyn 

    Woo! Bracketeering!

    Ahem. I know next to nothing about basketball, and March Madness always interferes with my Spring Training fix, but as said ST progresses...are we going to set up a Bloggernacle Fantasy Baseball league, D? ;)

  5. Anonymous D-Train 

    I favor this, Arwyn. Perhaps a Yahoo! league? Keeper or non-keeper? Roto or head-to-head?

    These are the important questions we raise around here.

  6. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    I'm probably going to get my butt kicked for picking the 'zags and UConn to go final. Fantasy BB would be theraputic. Let's do...

  7. Anonymous Pris 

    Anne: That's really, really weird. I wonder why that is.

    Arwyn/D: Dear God, no. 'Cause if you set it up I'm going to have to join and if I join I'm going to have to be competitive and spend way way way too much time doing it. *Sigh* Yeah, I'd do it.

  8. Anonymous John C. 

    Um, I'm in. For both.

  9. Anonymous D-Train 

    OK, then, we've got a league coming together. It would obviously be best if we can find a time where we can do a live draft, but this is flexible.

    Settings preferences?

  10. Anonymous Geoff J 

    "Once there, click on "create entry" and then "create or join a group"."

    Once where? After I give them all sort of personal info that will pop up?

  11. Anonymous D-Train 

    Yeah, once you're done with the registration process, that link will be there.

  12. Anonymous Arwyn 

    I don't really have a preference on settings. I've actually only played fantasy baseball once -- four years ago -- and forget what those settings were. So, whatever you deem is funnest will work for me.

    And I could do a live draft almost any weekday. :)

  13. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Brandon, I picked your women to go all the way against UCLA...don't let me down. :)

  14. Anonymous Rusty 

    Watt, dude, I'm from Spokane so it's physically impossible for me to NOT pick the Zags to win the whole thing.

    And yes, I think I might be up for a fantasy baseball league. I've never done fantasy (I know, I know) so it could be fun. It could even be more fun if the Mariners actually do something this year.

  15. Anonymous D-Train 

    Well, shoot, that's six at least for fantasy baseball. I'm thinking a rotisserie league with a live draft here in a couple weeks? I'll post something more this week about it.....

    Watt, you just may have picked correctly. I have the Sooner women losing to UNC in the final. I don't see a chance for UCLA to make the final, but they've got a dangerous team with really solid guard play. They gave OU all they wanted in Norman back in December.

  16. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Hi Rusty,

    Gonzaga is the bomb. Finally we connect! ,,,and I con't think of a better way. I'm looking forward to the reveling. :-)

  17. Anonymous Chad Too 

    Ok, I'm in.

    Our office pool (which I'm too late to get into thie year) is an "inherit" pool: for 5-bucks you draw one team out of the hat. Say I draw Southern. Duke fodder, we all know. Morning of the game the Vegas Hilton says Duke by 22. Gametime comes and Duke wins 68-50. Since Duke didn't beat the spread, they technically lose and I "inherit" Duke from the person who drew it first.

    Big fun!

  18. Anonymous Mike 

    Chad, that is a pretty cool setup for a pool- but I would miss the whole picking of the brackets.
    it seems like it would be a nice second pool in conjunction, plus it makes the spread matter a whole lot more.

  19. Anonymous 4h8FZRqoJU 


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