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At least I don't have to watch them anymore.

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  1. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Crap, I guess that's why they call it March Madness...whoda thought.

  2. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    I've just lost my first two picks. Crap, crap.

  3. Anonymous D-Train 

    Honestly, I picked OU --- but I was only about sixty percent sure. They've looked truly terrible since the win over UT back in January. I don't think that much of Florida, so I actually thought OU had a good Sweet Sixteen shot (through no good deeds of their own).

    Mustn't pick against the Shockers, Watt.....

  4. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Now you tell me...

    Dadgum, the Vols are struggling.

  5. Anonymous Last Lemming 

    Sorry, guys, but Wisc-Mil beating OU was the most commonly picked "upset" in my office by a wide margin.

  6. Anonymous D-Train 

    Don't worry, Lemming. I wasn't surprised.

  7. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Will Montana be this year's Cinderella team? Ouch.

  8. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    BTW...I don't know what you dudes that picked Montana over Nevada were thinking...you're either very lucky or tapped-in to a higher power.

  9. Anonymous Katie 

    At least you didn't have them going all the way to the elite eight! Am I a dum-dum or what? I am not sure why, but I seemed to have gotten the impression that they were better than they were. I think maybe because I don't pay attention to what is going on, but D-Train, you often posted on their victories, and I was like "yeah, OU! Yhey are always !" But not today, not today.

  10. Anonymous Craig S. 


    I have given up on Oklahoma. I believe they exist just to break my heart. All of those possible national championship opportunities. We have since move to Kansa State, and none of their teams are any help either.

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