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Bloggernacle Bracket Reminder and the Best Commercial Ever

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First, many have signed up for the Bloggernacle Bracket contest. Many others have not. Please follow this link to see my directions on how to sign up. ESPN registration is required, but that's about a two minute process and shouldn't be a big deal. It'll be fun! I'll post updates on the winners (and worst losers) here on the page. If everyone that isn't using their real name/Bloggernacle handle in their bracket name could post their 'Nacle name on the ESPN group bulletin board (at our bracket group homepage), that would be great. Also, if you're a fan of easy wins, only two brave Bloggernaclers have dared to pick a women's bracket. Directions for that are in the above link as well.

Second, ESPN's women's basketball tournament commercial is great. It's a pretty standard montage of highlights and coaches done in a pretty snazzy way. However, the last clip is absolutely amazing.

OU coach Sherri Coale is up at a dry erase board pointing at some Xs and Os. Then she just looks at her team and says:

"Or we could just kick the door down."

If you haven't tried women's hoops, this tournament is a great place to start. Tune in for the Sweet Sixteen and watch teams like LSU, Oklahoma, Maryland, Duke, and North Carolina for a best exposure to the women's game.

Basketball rant over.

15 Responses to “Bloggernacle Bracket Reminder and the Best Commercial Ever”

  1. Anonymous EricNielson 

    Looking forward to it, Thanks D.

  2. Anonymous Katie 

    D, what is the deadline for submitting a bracket?

  3. Anonymous D-Train 

    Since the contest is on ESPN, it's likely that their deadline is noon ET on Thursday. I'd get it in by bedtime Wednesday just to be sure.

  4. Anonymous D-Train 

    I'd get it in by Wednesday night. I'm guessing that the deadline is noon ET on Thursday.

  5. Anonymous Mike 

    Katie- you and BestHair need to get in on this.

    D-Train, in the Women's bracket did you pick Oklahoma to win it? (Or even be in the final?)
    This North Carolina team looks absolutely unreal- Looks like everyone else thinks so - around 80% are picking them.

  6. Anonymous D-Train 

    I picked UNC over Oklahoma. Ivory Latta is pretty much unbelievable and they're the real deal at all five positions. I was scared to death of LSU two months ago, but a combination of OU improvement and LSU vulnerability has made me like our path to Boston pretty well.

  7. Anonymous Pris 

    Oh man. I don't feel good about my picks, but I don't know what I would change. It's a pity cou can't see what the other group members picked until tomorrow to see how far out I am. I think I'm going to either be toast or the Toast of the Group. Man. Pity about Oklahoma, losing in the first round...

  8. Anonymous John C. 

    Pris, I haven't watched a single game this year. Don't worry (Go Aggies!)

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