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Bloggernacle Bracket Showdown: Day Two Analysis and Punditry

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By popular demand, I'm taking up more of your bandwidth and time. Day Two of the tournament proved to be a bracket buster for some (mostly just D-Train), while other movers and shakers were emboldened by the conclusion of the finest opening round in ten years.

1st (tied) - E. Nielson with 250/320 points. Nielson finished a generally strong open round by missing out only on Northern Iowa, Michigan State, Kansas, and Iowa. A tough day for the Hawkeye State manifested itself in Nielson's bracket, as Georgetown and Northwestern State (!) proved to be too much. Nevertheless, Nielson remains in first place in the Bloggernacle and can look forward to a potentially profitable weekend.

1st (tied) - J. Crawford with 250/320 points. Crawford was solid on Day Two, missing out on UAB, Iowa, Kansas, and Michigan State (all understandable losses. Nevertheless, Crawford also lost an Elite Eight team today, as he had UAB making a Cinderella run to the regional final. Repeat after me: no hyphenated schools past the Sweet Sixteen. A potential disaster awaits, however, as Crawford had Kansas in the Elite Eight. Phog Allen and Crawford are crying into their beer, but Final Four picks Duke, Bucknell, UNC, and Florida can make it all better. Actually, Phog, order up another cold one. He's gonna need it. However, if these upsets materialize, we can all pretty much pack it up by next weekend.

2nd (tied) - B. McKay with 240/320 points. McKay struggled today, missing out on California, KU, Iowa, Southern Illinois, and Michigan State. McKay's Elite Eight remains intact, but he is missing three Sweet Sixteen schools. The prognosis is good, but it will likely take a Boston College run to keep Brett's hair shining as a beacon of hope to metrosexuals everywhere.

2nd (tied) - K. Kage (240/320). Kage had a tough outing, as Northern Iowa, Wisconsin, KU, Southern Illinois, and Kansas all let her down. 11-5 on a very difficult day with a lot of upsets is really no shame, but Kage lost a Sweet Sixteen Cinderella in SIU and a Final Four participant in the Baby Jayhawks. J. Crawford and K. Kage, remember who you are. It's just the beer and Phog talking.

10th (tied) - D-Train at 220. It's not my fault. My mom did a LOT of crack. The Train went 8-8 on the day, with SIU, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas, Kansas, UNI, MSU, and UAB letting him down. Amazingly, the Train had all of these teams losing in the second round, meaning that his Sweet Sixteen still is only missing three and the Elite Eight is unblemished. The Train is moving downward now, but there is a lot of upside in this bracket. Whether D-Train's foolishness will hurt him is yet to be seen, but it is clear that he doesn't even deserve to be at OU, much less a real school. Utter nonsense.

Next to last (tied) - M. Anderson at 190. It's a shame his bracket can't come up as big as his ass at a feeding trough. UAB, MSU, Northern Iowa, Wisconsin, Kent State, Arkansas, Iowa, and KU all let Mike down today. The Kent State pick is the only real noodle scratcher, but Mike is also decently positioned for the future, with only three Sweet Sixteen picks gone and a clean Elite Eight.

Next to last (tied) - M. Marian at 190. A tough day for Marian, as two Elite Eight picks (Iowa and Michigan State) bite the dust. The Big Ten proved to be the Big Zero for Marian, as the overachieving Iowa and underachieving Spartans burn her big. With five Sweet Sixteen picks out of the picture, Marian will be desperately hoping that her Final Four of Connecticut, Duke, Florida, and Gonzaga materializes. This combination would be One Shining Moment for this cellar-dweller, but the picture is grim.

Next to last (tied) - Kaimi Wenger at 190. Wenger's day was, well, difficult. Being a Sooner, I've long loved Kaimi, as he's the only T&S permablogger who I can actually understand. Spelling is tough enough without stupid "names" like "Heidegger", "Kierkegaard", and "Paul". What I cannot understand, however, is Kaimi's inclusion of California and Kansas in the Elite Eight. These picks have cost him heavily and he may be left unable to pick up the slack. SIU, Iowa, Arkansas, Kent State, and Wisconsin also bit the dust, leaving Kaimi with eleven Sweet Sixteen entries. While a Duke, UCLA, Connecticut, and Ohio State Final Four would not be that outlandish, nobody else seems to be on board, indicating that there is room for Wenger to move up the table in the remaining games.

Dead last - J. Nelson-Seawright at 180. JNS/RT improved today, missing out on only MSU, KU, Arkansas, Cal, Iowa, and SIU. His Sweet Sixteen is already missing six teams, while Iowa's inclusion in the Elite Eight may prove fatal. Duke, Memphis, UNC, and Villanova is still looking like a viable Final Four, so JNS may be heard from yet. However, I wouldn't bank on much unless his second round can improve dramatically on his first.

720 Responses to “Bloggernacle Bracket Showdown: Day Two Analysis and Punditry”

  1. Anonymous Mike 

    hey now-
    I'm a fat guy (and I've only gotten fatter as of late)
    but my ass isn’t fat. Really- I barely have an ass. It's kind of awkward. I think that I’d prefer a fat ass to the non existent ass I’ve got now.

    OK, for the 8 losses today I have excuses for five of them.
    1. I thought UAB was a given- I agreed with the Train on Kentucky being over rated, If not for Bobby Perry we both would have been right.
    2. Those Northern Iowa kids are good.
    3. Iowa- What the heck? That was an amazing last couple of minutes, but that is not an upset I would have ever picked. Looks like D-Train's total lack of respect for the Big Ten was right on the money.
    4. KU- well shoot, who would have guessed? But it was really cool to see Bradley show up and play.
    5. Having Michigan State picked for the sweet 16 may have been stupid, they aren’t as good this year. But man… MSU could have grabbed at least a couple of rebounds. I really think they were the more athletic more talented team and they just got out played. I suppose GM proved themselves- all the talk that another big east school should have been there. I’m pretty sure Cincinnati wouldn’t have played the game George Mason did.

    OK-as for where I totally crapped the bed I'll own it:
    Wisconsin- I thought it would be close, but I should have known. When Zona has all their players out of prison and off suspension they are a much stronger team than they were at the end of this season.
    Bucknell is good, I should have seen Arkansas lose that one.
    Kent State- well... last time they went deep into the tournament they beat Pittsburgh. Of course four years ago Pittsburgh didn't have a seven foot tall center shooting 100% and blocking a bajillion shots. Really though- this was just a total miss match and there was no reason at all to pick Kent State here. They were just one of those teams that really did deserve the 12 (or lower), but would have been fun to see as a Cinderella.

  2. Anonymous Bill (Atkinson2) 

    One thing that has been revealed over the past two days is that there is absolutely no team that is not easily vulnerable to upset. Some people (like Jim Nantz and Billy Packer who made total fools of themselves last Sunday, and predictably have not apologized) are still living in a past where the big conferences are much better than the lesser known conferences. That advantage is steadily declining. I would not be at all surprised for example if George Mason beats North Carolina.

    My big blunder so far was putting Iowa in the final four. My lack of faith in Kansas was vindicated. It remains to be seen whether my lack of respect for Duke and Connecticut will prove to be foolhardy or visionary.

  3. Anonymous Pris 

    I feel like I should stand up for the Big Ten, but I just can't do it. Luckily, I didn't have much faith in Iowa, WI, MSU (losing in 2nd round) or Indiana (losing in first, oh wait second) and Illinois third. Wisconsin really really sucked it up. It was painful.

    And, anyone want to drive down to Kansas and take out some anger there? That pick killed me. Luckily, in another bracket with other Wisconsins, there are quite a few people that had Iowa up to either 8 or 4, so it's not nearly as bad there.

    If LSU, West Virginia, and Ohio State come through...

    I can't wait to watch another George Mason game. They kept cutting to The Balls-Puncher during the MSU game, and my wish is that if GMU or UNC gets up big that Roy Williams channels his inner John Chaney... I'm just saying. What goes around should come around.

    My new goal is now just to beat D-Train. Then we can talk about who has the fattest ass.

  4. Anonymous D-Train 

    All I can really say about yesterday is that it was a great day of basketball and impossible to pick. The BEST bracket in our contest still missed four on the day.

    Keeping an eye on the women's tourney as well. Only one near-upset today, as MTSU pushed Utah. I'm hearing from my favorite women's hoops board that Utah got a lot of favorable calls down the stretch that handed the game over, including a failure to properly interpret the charge circle.

    I'm going to guess offhand that I actually have the biggest ass of the group. My butt is gigantic.

  5. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Yes...I'm doing much better with the women. It helps when there are no real suprises. And D-Train, if you want the biggest ass award...it's all yours.

  6. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    D-Train...with the women, it doesn't look like it's going to get interesting in the 'nacle bracket until tonight's late games. I think yu and I are split on 3 of the 4 games.

  7. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Ermmm...D-Train, how did you know about the Lobos. Ouch.

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