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The Glory of the World

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Recently I've heard a lot of horrible things about this placed called The World. Now let me tell ya, I've been to pretty crappy places. Driving around Oklahoma you see a lot of things, but this world that local church leaders talk about seems to be far and away the most miserable place I've ever heard of.

Sigh..... I really don't understand all the anti-world rhetoric. The way the bible uses the term the world isnt really the way we throw it around, which is unfortunate because it would lead to less judging if we were on the same page. As it is, we hear speech after speech about how the world is getting more and more corrupt and permissive of immorality. Some extrapolate this to mean that Satan is corrupting us and that we are entering a downward spiral of sin which will polarize the peoples of the Earth into the camps of righteousness or wickedness.

Let's not split hairs here. When people say that the world is getting more sinful or more immoral or whatever, what they mean is that American and European society are becoming more permissive of sexual behavior. That's it. Every major crime index has been on the decline. There have been less murders, less thefts, less everything. But.... we don't really care about that. These sins, you know, the ones that actually hurt people, arent the one's that we discuss. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd much rather have more people having premarital sex than have more people killing one another. That's not to say that having less of both would not be better than having less of one or the other. But having less serious crimes, to me anyway, is a better indicator of the state of the world than of whether people are having sex outside of marriage or heterosexual relations. And by that measure, the world is really a pretty good place.

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  1. Anonymous Arwyn 

    Interesting post, Lager. Or is it Jager? LJ? ;)

    I think you hit something here, really. We hear a lot about how The World Is Getting Worse And Worse when, really, things are looking better and better from many points of view: medical technology and research is increasing lifespan, people (in America and Eruope, at least) are killing each other less, places where people are killing each other get international attention (though some of them could use more -- Darfur, for example) and we try to make it stop.

    I think you have a good start when you say that what we're really concerned about is that American and European societies (and perhaps some others) are becoming more and more permissive of sexual behavior. I think that may be more a symptom, however, than the actual "ill" that we're being warned against, which is a lack of a single, coherent value system, one element of which has traditionally been that Sex is Bad.

  2. Anonymous Lager Jager 

    Either name is fine :) I agree that the permissiveness of sexuality is a symptom of some other societal force, and not an indicator of moral decay. I agree that the cause of it can, atleast in part, be attributed to a lack of a common value system. I think it is somewhat useful to note that permissiveness of sexuality shares common causality with a lot of things that we are in favor of, such as women's rights. Repression of these kinds of freedoms, be they through socialization, legislation, or religion, leads to situations that we really dont want.

  3. Anonymous D-Train 


  4. Anonymous Pris 

    Being a resident of the world, y'all can come visit anytime you like. I got a couch that's pretty good for sleeping.

    It seems to me that when the religious say things about the evilness of the world, sex values are pointed of evidence--and I think Arwyn is right that it's symptomatic of a lack of a coherent value system--but I get the impression that they're rallying against the lack of "God" in the culture itself. Blasphemy. You know, because God Is Dead and all that jazz.

  5. Anonymous Stephen M (Ethesis) 

    Every major crime index has been on the decline because populations are aging.

    So, given that crime will drop off due to demographics, should we rejoice in immorality that has no correlation?


  6. Anonymous Lager Jager 

    Yes populations are aging, but the bulk of the population was well over the prime criminal age at the time when crime rates were highest (1980s). Additionally, the immorality you are talking about is demographic as well. The number of open homosexuals certainly is an increasing demographic along with premarital sexual encounters. That having been said, I specifically stated that these things werent great, but that the world doesnt deserve the scorn we give it so often. To me, it is much better to live in a time and place where I am less likely to get assaulted than to live in a time and place where I am less likely to have a gay couple move in next door.

  7. Anonymous 8mjPWsCM7n 

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