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A quick word on the Jeppson case

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A few thoughts here. If you haven't listened to the podcast at LDSLF, please do. It's a time commitment, but it's very interesting.

1) I don't really see the point in kicking Jeppson out of the Church. He's obviously not living the commandments as I understand them or as the Church does, but he's willing to acknowledge that. He's not demanding a temple recommend or a calling. In essence, he's willing to be a disfellowshipped member that wants to retain his cultural connection and worship as he believes. I don't see how having Jeppson around hurts anything and the Church certainly can't be harmed by letting him stay.

2) It's unfortunate that Jeppson is becoming a "test case". John Dehlin talked about this in the podcast and I just can't emphasize enough how much of a shame it is that a man's connection to the Church is being defined in terms of a watershed political event in Mormonism. I fault nobody (Jeppson, Dehlin, the Church, the stake president, or Barbara Turner) for this, but it should be emphasized that Jeppson seems like quite a nice man and doesn't deserve to have his life and Church membership defined in this way.

3) My initial impression was that Jeppson was kind of out there for being surprised by this. However, assuming Jeppson is telling the truth in the podcast, it does seem that his local leaders offered him assurances in the past which are being violated now. I'm not saying that the new stake president doesn't have the right to move on this, but that Jeppson is right to feel that a bait and switch happened here.

4) If one is willing to look outside of the homosexuality issue here, the real question is whether this is a "big tent" or "little tent" church. A big tent Church would acknowledge varying degrees of agreement with doctrine and tolerate more "sin". A little tent Church would insist on more conformity and move quickly on these disciplinary issues. I'm not sure which is better or which we are. I do think, though, that our primary purpose as an organization should be to bring people closer to Christ. I don't personally believe that Jeppson's same sex marriage will accomplish that. However, I do know that we can have no good impact on him (or he on us) if we kick him out. He's not a child molester, thief, or Korihor trying to hurt anyone or lead anyone astray. He's just a guy that sees things differently than us. Unless he starts trying to convince anyone else to start participating in homosexual activity, I see no reason to give him the boot.

5) As the discussion at Exponent II noted, we really do cherry pick sins for disciplinary councils. There are lots of sins that are pretty big deals. Admittedly, it is generally sexual sin, apostasy, or serious criminal activity that tends to provoke these things, and so it's consistent in that sense. But we don't convene these councils over the Word of Wisdom, tithing, or an appalling lack of charity. I guess I just don't see that excommunication can really help anyone grow. I know that people come back after the ex. I know that it might be a wakeup call for some people. But why not just fellowship and show real concern if we want to change somebody?

I might post something more detailed, but I'm too tired right now. Good night.

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  1. Anonymous Tom 

    1) Would you say the same thing about other kinds of unrepentant fornicators?

    2) Jeppson does indeed seem like a great guy. But I don't see him as a special case. This is a standard fornication case like many that have happened in the past and will happen in the future. The only special thing about it is that outsiders see it as a big deal that the Church doesn't recognize legal homosexual marriages. Nothing has changed on the Church's end.

    3) If there is any fault here it would seem to be in Mr. Jeppson's previous leaders who failed to enforce longstanding Church policy.

    4) I agree that a purpose of the Church is to bring people closer to Christ. More specifically, the Church's mission with respect to its members is to "perfect the saints," or help them to attain exhaltation. Bringing people to Christ is an essential part of this mission. But there's more. It seems to me that the teaching that making and keeping man-woman marriage covenants is required for exhaltation is pretty well-established, fundamental doctrine. If this is the truth, and if the Church takes seriously its mandate to perfect the saints, then the only appropriate policy, for the good of transgressors and the general membership, is to not tolerate unrepentant breaking of the law of chastity. To allow unrepentant transgressors to retain full fellowship would constitute tacit endorsement of behavior that severely impedes people's progress toward eternal happiness. And I think that allowing unrepentant fornicators to retain their membership, even with disfellowshipped status, would constitute a failure to communicate the gravity of the transgression both to transgressors and to the membership, which would be a disservice to all concerned.

    As for the big tent/small tent question, I don't care very much how we are classified. I don't see the primary purpose of the Church to bring as many people as possible closer to Christ than they would be otherwise, but more to lead as many people to exhaltation as possible. I don't think the Church should change its policies to allow people to feel more comfortable in their sins, even if doing so would cause us to bring more people closer to Christ overall.

    5) It seems like the transgressions that trigger disciplinary councils are the things that 1) are most obvious and easy to judge, and 2) sins of commission that most severely impede the transgressor's eternal progression or most severely hurt other people or impede their progression. Sins of omission like apalling lack of charity can certainly impede our progression as much as fornication, but it's obviously a very difficult thing to judge what's in a person's heart. Basically, I'm saying that the Church's approach on these matters makes sense to me.

  2. Anonymous D-Train 

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Tom.

    I actually would treat unrepentant fornicators in much the same way. I favor rethinking excommunication policy in general, as I simply don't think it does a lot to help people repent or get closer to Christ. I favor excommunication in circumstances where the behavior harms others and is likely to do so in the future: for example, a singles ward where a guy/girl keeps going around seducing people, child molestors, that sort of thing. In the case of Jeppson, he's not trying to seduce anyone else or convince anyone to be gay: he just wants to be left alone. He acknowledges that, by the standards of the Church, he's unworthy to hold a temple recommend or possibly even a calling. While he hopes that will change, he's not holding his breath. I don't think he's doing the right thing, but I just don't think we get anything from it.

    Jeppson's previous local leaders clearly weren't following policy. However, there's a big difference between the letter of the law and its real world application. Nobody disputes that the stake president has pretty firm policy and doctrine backing his decision if he chooses to excommunicate (at least I don't). Jeppson was nevertheless treated in a certain way for a long period of time and that is dramatically changing. While the stake president is within his rights to act, I think it's still instructive to look at it from Jeppson's point of view. Anti-masturbation laws were on the books in many states for a long time (still are in some). Nevertheless, the real expectation that we have is that nobody will bother enforcing that law. I agree that Jeppson's expectation might have been misguided, but would argue similarly that this expectation was not fully created by him.

    We simply don't agree on the question of what message the Church would send by not excommunicating members that are involved in these practices. I don't see that the Church has any problem at all communicating what we think about fornication (including homosexual activity) and other excommunication-level sins. In this case, it would be pointless to excommunicate Jeppson to show him how bad his sin is. He knows that the Church opposes it and he doesn't agree with that. Excommunicating him would teach him nothing. Again, I disagree with Jeppson's vision of the gospel, but throwing him out of the Church isn't going to make our members understand that homosexual activity is bad. Thousands of years of doctrine have made that clear. Keeping him in the Church isn't going to make it OK to have homosexual relationships. We teach that one must give up all of one's sins to know the Lord. Many of the greatest blessings in the Church are involved in things such as the temple, for which Jeppson will be ineligible as long as he does what he's doing. ALL of the blessings in the Church are contingent on obedience to God. Jeppson isn't pulling a fast one by staying in the Church --- that's just not possible.

    My implicit "big tent-little tent" point wasn't that we should ignore exaltation as a goal, but that we need to recognize that the road to exaltation is a bunch of little steps. The fact that Jeppson is having this relationship does not make progression anywhere else impossible. The best thing about the Church for me (and I'm pretty critical of it a lot of the time) is that you can get whatever you want from it. The doctrine is generally pretty clear. If you buy it all, then get to work, seek Christ, and look toward exaltation. If you're not comfortable with some stuff, work out an understanding of those things and keep working where you are. The bottom line is that Jeppson isn't eligible for a lot of what we claim to be the best parts of being in the Church. So let's leave it at that. Let's just let him worship and not send this official message that he's not welcome (even if that's not how it's intended by leaders).

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