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Hot diggety dog!

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Well, looks like we finally made it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but LJ's post on the not so evil world appears to be the first snarked UoM post. The guy just gets here, and already he's getting snarked. (Though I suppose in one day he posted more real content than I have in total) Not only that, but he inspired a post that had a picture of a the whore of all the earth riding a triceratops. How freakin cool is that?

So, thanks LJ, and thanks rat-dog for taking the time to make fun of us.

7 Responses to “Hot diggety dog!”

  1. Anonymous D-Train 

    My ten General Conference addresses actually got snarked, but we're really coming up in the world now.

    That picture is pretty hot on the Snarker's page.

  2. Anonymous Mike 

    Yeah- I know that it isn't actually a triceritops, but some multiheaded beast- but this particular one has a triceritops head as the primary head.

    I'm a fan.
    I sometimes wonder how the snarker has time to keep up with everything in the bloggernacle.

  3. Anonymous Watt Mahoun 

    Snarkie gets some help from roving reporters...

    Good job, UoM! You are the snark-bait.

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